We are on a mission to accelerate technology adoption and bring inspired innovation to every school and organization in the world.

We are an education marketplace that offers world-class contents.

We are at the intersection to help companies and schools find the right tech-enabled solution so they can drive inspired learning through the power of technology.

We are a learning solution marketplace that offers world-class educational contents, learning platform solutions and support for corporate companies and schools.

As an education marketplace, we bring global education partners providing fly- ready- to-use content , programs to teach medical and nursing students with focus healthcare education continuity, education platform to support K-10, interactive teaching methodologies for exam preparation that improves score results.

Transform the future of learning by empowering every learner.

Our marketplace is diverse yet it puts the learner at the center of value. All needs considered, we align every solution to what is meaningful, cost-efficient, relevant and transformative.

We are driven by data in gathering needs assessment and the supporting tools in making sure smooth training takes place during on-boarding and full program implementation.

We had our first handshake in 2018. Since then we have trail-blazed new missions after missions.

We have an expanding and ever-growing marketplace month by month.

Our Team

Nikhil Chopra

CEO & Director

Nikhil is found most passionate in building technologies and training programs that moves organizations forward. He has a close to a decade stint in the education and technology space being a founder and co-founders of relevant organizations like Redefine Learning, HERO Singapore , OSPH Philippines

Maria Bryce Fabro, Ph.D

VP for Education & Partnership

Bryce has been an educator for 26 years. She is a relentless advocate for employability skills development and conscious parenting. Passionate to move the education technology forward, she has co-founded OneSchoolPH – an education as a service business which serves thousands of schools in the Philippines and joined REDEFINE LEARNING as the Vice President for Education . She founders several companies such as BRYCE Inspired Careers, HEROEd and Emotional Reset Center.


Sales and Marketing - Educational Consultant

Kyla Piangco has a degree in advertising and has been a digital marketer for years. She is Managing our Digital Marketing and Sales engagement.

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